He asked. I said yes.

It’s been exactly one week that I’ve been engaged!! It’s still pretty surreal, and I appreciate all the affirming congrats we’ve received as we told people the news. If you would like to know how it happened, read the write up below.

So last Monday was our 4-year anniversary from when we started dating. I was hoping he’d do something special for the day, but I wasn’t really expecting a proposal. In fact, I was a little worried he forgot since I hung out with him all weekend, and he didn’t even hint at the fact that we were going to celebrate the occasion. So all day I waited for a phone call, text, or even a snapchat that said “Happy Anniversary!” Finally around 6:45 pm he texted me a link to his personal website. Since he often has me preview his work when he adds new features, I didn’t think much of it.

However, he had created a page that said “find me.” I clicked the link, and it had a series of clues to where he could be found and a gauge telling me I was a few miles from the secret location. I jumped into my car and drove in the suggested direction. (Sidenote: I didn’t switch from wifi to 4G so I lost connection and had to call Tim and get a few more hints haha.)

I arrived at the location just as the sun was setting. It’s a random clearing in the middle of a small patch of forest that we had stumbled upon a few years ago. Tim was standing at the entrance all dressed up in suit and tie. He led me down a rose petal-covered path to a spot where he had set up his keyboard. He began to play and sing a song he had written for me. After he finished, he got up and walked over to  me. Taking my hands in his and looking deep into my eyes, Tim said: “Mia, I love you and I am going to propose to you, but I forgot the ring at my house.”

I stopped crying (I don’t remember exactly when I started) and burst out laughing.  We stood there for a while taking it all in, and then he said we had to go because he made dinner reservations.  I went home and changed, and he picked me up and drove me to St. Johns Restaurant downtown.  He parked the car, and there in the parking lot he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I squealed yes.  It wasn’t recorded or captured in pictures, and it probably didn’t go exactly how Tim had planned, but it’s a private memory that I’ll never forget; and for me, it was absolutely, positively perfect. :)


I didn’t get a picture of the first half of the proposal, but here’s the spot where he got down on one knee.


We’re getting married! Yay!

We’ll have a wedding website up for you all soon!